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Specifications and amenities
• Separating panel of white color and a height of 1.5 m, with an integrated 3-meter tall lighting pole
• Elea-vel type moquette
• 500 watt socket
• 2 led spotlights /15 m² (4 for displays with a surface
larger than 24 m².)
• 1 table (2 for displays with a surface larger than 24 m².)
• 3 chairs (6 for displays with a surface larger than 24 m².)
• A 5 mm thick K-Line double-sided sign, which would state the exhibitor’s brand name, along with the display number with the following dimensions: width 75 cm, height 30 cm
• Booth – fitting room
You may order additional equipment, such as chairs, tables, refrigerators
etc., until December 23rd at the latest from the company Octapus, at: www.octapus.com

*Note: the exhibitors must have only wheeled stands of silver color. Any other object is prohibited.

The agency offers to the exhibitors a booth as indicated below:

Booth delivery and return

Booth delivery for setting purposes by the exhibitors will take place on Thursday 11th January 2024 from 15.00 to 23.00. Booths will be returned to the event hosts on Sunday 14th January 2024, after the closing of the exhibition, until midnight (00.00) at the latest.

Useful information:

• Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00, from Friday 12th
to Sunday 14th of January 2024.
• The exhibition is aimed at people over 18 years of age.
• Entry and exit of all displays and other items shall take place from the north entrance to Zappeion. Proper technical equipment must be used so as to avoid damage to flooring, columns and walls.
• When the exhibition opens to visitors, the goods entrance will be closed for security reasons. Only the main entrance will remain open.
• Visitors may use the main entrance to Zappeion.
• In order to ensure the smooth running of the exhibition and for your convenience, we have made arrangements for parking facilities on the grounds of Zappeion throughout the opening hours of the exhibition. You will be receiving a card which is unique for each exhibitor/company and only for one vehicle. Upon entry, you are kindly requested to show the card to the staff upon request.
• The security of the premises and the goods has been assigned to ESA Security Solutions S.A.
• For security reasons, after check-in, as well as after entry and throughout your visit, you should wear your exhibitor card at all times.
• You may NOT affix or nail any items to the stands. Likewise, you may NOT use banners, self-standing display boards larger than A4 format, busts, mannequins or sound systems.
• There is a ‘no smoking’ policy on all indoor grounds of Zappeion. If smoke is detected, the alarm and fire-extinguishing system is activated automatically.
• Delivery of food and beverages is not allowed on the premises. There is a café facility in a designated area of the premises where you may enjoy a coffee or snacks, or have a meal from a select menu.
• Both the outdoor and indoor grounds of Zappeion are easily accessible by persons with reduced mobility.
A special barrier at the rear entrance provides access to the building; there are also designated parking spaces for the vehicles of persons with reduced mobility.
• The data collected is used exclusively by Eleven S.A., in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions.