“Well begun is half done and it has begun! The attempt was successful but no one relies on the first attempt if one aims at improving and bringing forward optimal results. The future is ahead and it’s yours!”
Christos Lioggos

“It was a well-attended exhibition in the context of European standards. The selection of the venue, as well as the setting, was very good to the smallest detail from the reception space to even the positioning of each booth. The people, from the staff of the venue to the exhibitors, were very nice and cleanliness was exceptional! Overall it was a wonderful experience of higher standards than what we had used to until this day. So for these reasons we would like to thank you deeply for the experience and the opportunity! You have raised the bar really high!”
Yvonne Βosnjak Team

“The exhibition brings hope with a few additions and improvements in some details”
Aris and Kaspar Karambetian
Carras pret a porter

“The first show was successful. It is the first exhibition to host exclusively women’s clothing which was held in one of the most significant historical buildings, Zappeion Hall. The uniformity of the booths, without unnecessary interventions to impress, allows visitors to focus on the items and the clothes, and enables them to walk through in a relatively short time period. Also, the venue of Zappeion Hall in the center of Athens makes access quite easy for them”.
Fgl by Figalos

“A new start, a new promising beginning! A show that deserves to be lived!”
Loukis Pampallis
Panel Lafei Nier

“A highly artistic show in a venue of great historical heritage!”
Kostas Rodopoulos

“A great professional exhibition only for clothing (which is very important) that has a future!”
Eleni Kalakou
Spiga Collection

“A contemporary show in a unique and historical venue aiming at highlighting Greek fashion”.
P.R. Clothes

“Very well-organized in an amazing venue”
Chrysochoou Sisters
Dolce Domenica

“A great event in a wonderful environment!”
Spyros Theodoridis
Zic Zac

“The iconic space of Zappeion Hall along with the excellent organization of the exhibition by Eleven was the best thing that has happened in the past years by giving another dimension in shows taking us to unprecedented paths unknown to us until now!!!”
Dora Vaporidou
Billy Sabbado

“An avant-garde event which brought together fashion producers and professionals in a special venue. It is a show that undoubtedly deserves a visit.”
Kostas Tsougkranis
Haris Cotton

“A good effort in a very imposing space.”
Katerina Manolopoulou
Manolo Fashion

“An impressive, tasteful and historical building worthy of the re-defining of highlighting and continuing Greek fashion.”
Lazaros Savvidis
by Lazaros

“The organizers and the space were excellent. It was a fresh proposal for Greek clothing equally worthy of what is seen abroad!”
Nena Kalaitzi – Stamouli
Amma – One’s Garment

“It was a very good try. We support your effort.”
Giannis Kastriotis
Your Paradise

“The venue of the show was beautiful, and the setting and organization very good.”
Lia Baziana

“It is almost impossible to be left indifferent by the exhibition at Zappeion without at least a smile on your face. A professional planning and organization, as well as a creative idea, turned a company event to a high-standard show. Congratulations to the team of Eleven11”.
Nikos Chainis
Eleria Cortes

“A minimal show in an exquisite venue in the heart of the city, aiming specifically at presenting our creations, without too much information or extravagance. Well done, it is an excellent effort!”
Stella Derlou

“An exhibition for Greek women’s clothing which was missing from the Greek market. Adjusted to international standards and with huge prospects, we hope it will contribute to the revival of our sector.”
Konstantina Chaidou
La Soie Line

“Eleven The Fashion Project is characterized as an unexpected, glamorous, and perfectly organized in the sector of Greek women’s clothing.”
Giannaki Victoria
Aliki Victoria Pepperose

“Cecilia-Personal company would like to thank you for the marvelous event at Zappeion Hall. I wish you a good start to your endeavor and promise to be here again next year.”

“The show’s hosts deserve congratulation for implementing this exhibition. It is fresh, pioneering, emitting respect and prestige, equivalent to its venue.”
Christos and Giannis Kyrlagitsis
Nicola Knitwear

“When people with new ideas, sobriety, and professionalism decide to make them come true, then the result is definitely rewarding for all. We just have to trust them.”
Maria – Angeliki Papakostaki
Reeina Fashion