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«We were completely satisfied with our participation in the exhibition organised by ELEVEN both as regards the organising standards and the quality of the visitors, whose response was most encouraging.»
Cocktail Fashion

«When we visited the first exhibition organised in Zappeion by Eleven11, we immediately realised that this event would become an institution and a reference point for Greek Fashion. In the January Show that followed, we participated as exhibitors. We’ve never had second thoughts! High quality services, marketing communication and high turnout figures.»
Sunrose XXL & More

«The organisers of ‘Eleven the Fashion Project’ deserve our congratulations for organising an exhibition purely for women’s fashion by Greek designers, which was missing from the Greek Market. We hope that it will help revitalise the sector and give Greek women’s fashion the place it deserves.»
Giannis Ioannidis & Anna Raxevsky – Ioannidou
Raxsta by Anna Raxevsky

«For the second time, the women’s fashion exhibition in Zappeion has been a complete success!! Congratulations to the organisers who have once more mounted a high quality exhibition both for us, the exhibitors, and the visitors in a very special venue, showcasing women’s fashion by Greek designers in a most enjoyable and distinguished manner!!!»
Dora Vaporidou
Billy Sabbado

«We would like to extend our warmest thanks for the excellent planning of the exhibition and the hospitality in such a superb venue. I would also like to share with you the fact that all our clients have left the show with most positive impressions and have told us that they will certainly visit it again! Keep up the good work and continue on this successful course!»
Giorgos Iosifidis

«A professionally planned and technically impeccable exhibition which showcased women’s clothes in a highly aesthetic manner.»
Katerina Michelaki
She Is – Lucifair

«The exhibition was quite good, in an agreeable atmosphere.»
AFES Chrysochoou

«A well-organised exhibition which gave prominence to the clothes and the organisers. They were on our side at all times in whatever we needed.»
Dionysia Berdeme
Fuego Fashion

«In the aftermath of another yet successful exhibition in Zappeion. You surpassed all our expectations! The fashion exhibition that is here to stay. We continue with the same momentum!»
Loukis Pampallis
Panel Fashion – Lafeinier Jeans

«It is the first time we have participated in such a well-organised exhibition, which made me think that I was in a foreign city. Warmest congratulations to ELEVEN. We are certain that it will still go higher!»
Patricia Papageorgiou
Maria Glenster

«An excellent event by excellent organisers. ELEVEN’S exhibition revives prestige and highlights the creativity of Greek fashion in clothes.»
Gioltzoglou Luxury Fashion

«The most historic building in Athens welcomes the world of fashion!!! An environment that respects clients and offers them the opportunity to make their choices without having to walk along endless corridors!!! An event planned to its smallest detail, which has come to Athens to establish itself as a unique exhibition for ready-to-wear clothes!!!»
Maili Eirini

«A very-well organised exhibition with considerable turnout and quality clients.»
Cecilia Personal

«In times when we have lost our optimism, those of us who have always believed that fashion is culture feel that we are back home…»

«Our warmest thanks to ELEVEN for an impeccably organised exhibition and the excellent hospitality.»
Apparel Fashion Clothing

«A fashion exhibition for women that has brought us closer to many clients from all around Greece.»
C9 Cloud 9 by L Team

«Impeccably organised, an event of a highly aesthetic value that matches the beauty of Zappeion. Easily accessible both to exhibitors and visitors. Most importantly, at last an event that focuses on clothing! Congratulations for the excellent result.»
Vasia Moustaka
MV Fashion Lab
Moda Vasso

«The Fashion Project organised by ELEVEN is a reference point for both old and new professionals with love for their work. In Zappeion, the architectural beauty of the building was combined with modern fashion, the fashion of colours and designs. Both the event, as such, and the participants uplifted the quality of the exhibition and attracted a high turnout. Events of such calibre promote the market and encourage us to strive to be better every year.»
Eleni Kolakou
Spiga Collection

«Agreeable venue and a very-well organised event.»
Mary Lides

«Continuous development and improvement are the real meaning behind everything we do, which the organisers of ‘Eleven the Fashion Project” seem to be well aware of!»
Smyrnaios Nasos
La Soie Line

«An exhibition of high standards. Good organization, cleanliness and aesthetics.»

«Zappeion, an emblematic venue. An impeccably organised event, Eleven the Fashion Project. A unique result, professional planning, a high-specification event. Congratulations to the ELEVEN11 Team.»

«The impeccably organised exhibition in the Zappeion neoclassical building, combined with the exclusive exhibition for women’s clothing, makes ‘Eleven the Fashion Project’ a high-specification event.»
Iolanthe Boo

«It was an honour for us to be participants in an exhibition of such quality. Impeccably organised in a superb venue.”
The standard of both exhibitors and visitors was beyond our expectations.»
Thank you ELEVEN! See you in June»

«A new proposal in the fashion show events.
Impeccably organised, professional visitors.»

«We came away with very positive impressions from our first participation in ELEVEN THE FASHION PROJECT. It is an exhibition with a high turnout, which focuses exclusively on women’s clothing. What’s more, it is held in a sacred place and it is professionally organised so as to highlight Greek fashion in clothes.»