The agency offers to the exhibitors a booth as indicated in the below sketch:

Specifications and amenities
• Octanorm (Germany) silver-colored aluminum support structure
• Octagonal round column of 2.5m height
• White PVC panel of 3mm thickness to add
• Black Elea vel carpeting
• 500 Watt plug
• 150 Watt HQL spotlight per 5m2
• 1 glass table (2 for booths over 25m2)
• 3 chairs (6 for booths over 25m2)
• Signage

Any extra equipment, such as chairs, tables, lights, may be ordered until 6th January at the latest from Octapus at www.octapus.com.gr

Booth delivery and return
Booth delivery for setting purposes by the exhibitors will take place on Friday, 24th January from 17.00 to 23.00.
Booth will be returned to the event hosts on Monday, 27th January, after the closing of the exhibition, until midnight (12.00pm) at the latest.

Good space use terms
• Smoking is prohibited in all closed spaces of Zappeion. In case smoke is detected the alarm and fire extinction systems are activated.
• The entry and exit of samples and any other item will be taking place from the north entry to Zappeion and proper technical equipment will be used to prevent any damages on the floors, columns, and walls of the building.
• For security reasons, the entry of visitors will be allowed only after a relevant invitation by the exhibitor or the exhibition is shown.